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  • wdbrooks2013

We Built Two Custom Homes

In the last ten years, we have built two custom homes and learned quite a bit about home building that we did not know before. I don't claim to be an expert on building a house but I think we can share what we learned along the way with the house-building process. We spent over $750,000 on each of these builds. If you are going to spend this much on a house I believe you will want to know the details about the build. You will want to know what are you paying for and why. You will want to know some of the common terminology and what items are included in your house. You will want to know how they work and why you need them. Unlike blogs that want to show you pretty pictures and sell you something, this build diary should provide you with an understanding of the build process so you are better able to understand what you want to build and what questions and costs you might encounter in your own build.



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