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She said: Let's hike the Billy Goat Trail!

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

There is a lot to do around the Potomac river; from standup paddling at Key Bridge to Tubing at Harper's Ferry, the Potomac is a great local escape. One of our favorite hikes is the Billy Goat Trail on the Maryland side of the river just west of the American Legion Bridge. There are several levels of trails. The A section up the river has some of the steeper rock climbs and should only be attempted when the weather is dry. The B section is less steep and the C section is relatively easy.

Great Falls Parking is just past Old Angler's Inn: 10801 Macarthur Blvd, Potomac, MD 20854

The Billy Goat trails have a beautiful view of the Potomac and can be hiked any time of year.

This is section C where the hiking is generally rocky.

On a nice weekend there may be a lot of people at the Billy Goat C area and parking near Old Anglers Inn may be full if you arrive too late.

It is a great place to relax and the price is always right.

The Billy Goat trails are located between the canal and the Potomac river. If you are looking for an easy walk or bike ride you can stay on the canal path.

You can walk a dog and bike on the canal path, but you can't take your dog on Trail A.

The Potomac near the Billy Goat trail is rocky and there are rapids so be aware that you can't go cool off in the river. I have also seen small snakes in both the Potomac and the canal so be alert in the warmer times of the year for snakes.

The towpath is nice because it has been maintained and repaired.


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