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He said: Skydiving Looks Like a Blast!

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

So imagine you are sitting at home trying to find something to watch on Amazon or Netflix but you have seen everything new so you start looking through old movies and what should pop up but PointBreak. Yes, yes, yes, this film has everything like Keanu Reeves, surfing, chasing, shooting, and skydiving. And then you think, hey that skydiving looks like something I need to do! So how do you get started? You probably want to know that you can handle it before you go too far with this. So after some Google and Youtube videos, you schedule a visit to your local iFly to give it a try. This is not the full skydiving experience with an airplane, high views, and a landing but it is the free fall part that is the main attraction of skydiving.

The next weekend we took a short trip down to the local iFly to give it a try. iFly is basically a building built around a giant fan that can blow you up in the air and simulate skydiving. It is a great way to learn freefall skills while not feeling too high off the ground. You fill out some paperwork and pay then proceed to the

I can make funny faces any time but this place is special because you can drool on your forehead and make some really weird faces.

They also have a VR headset flight you can do where you can fly down a valley virtually. This is what I call living better through technology.

But where do you go after a couple of iFly sessions? I would say tandem skydiving would be the answer. Let's take it up a notch!

The airplane is right there with the motor running. Gotta go!

Everybody is packed in and then they start jumping out. You sit on the side of the plane with your legs out the side and basically roll out. I fly airplanes and climb things without much concern for height but the view outside the airplane is definitely an attention-getter.

I guess at this point the airplane is out of reach. The parachute really needs to work.

I watched PointBreak after this and had to laugh at their conversations while they were freefalling. Freefall is so loud you can barely hear yourself yell.

When the chute opens there is a pretty good pull and it is good to have all the harness stuff in the right place.

We spun in circles a few times and came in for a super smooth landing. It was definitely taking it to the next level. From here the next level would be an Advanced Free Fall program. I probably don't need to take it to that level. But I probably will.



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