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He said: Airplanes are Cool!

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

I have always thought airplanes were cool.

I always thought it must be super cool to be able to fly where you want and look down on the world. After college, I started flying in small Cessna airplanes. My first flight was in a Cessna 150. My left shoulder was against the door and my right shoulder was against the flight instructor and his other shoulder was against the other door. It was like flying a lawnmower with wings. I moved up to a Cessna 172 with a little more room. I later moved on to a Beechcraft Sierra to do most of my flying. The Beechcraft has an adjustable propeller and retractable landing gear and is very comfortable to fly. Flying is exciting but also required a lot of concentration. After getting my private pilot license and instrument rating I stopped flying because I lacked the time for it. I would like to start back again. It looks like a lot of airplanes have digital systems that did not exist in the old airplanes I flew.

Recently to get back in the spirit of flying I took a ride in an Extra 330LC stunt plan at Sky Combat Ace. Their website has some cool videos. The airplanes are tail draggers so I probably couldn't get one off the ground without ground looping it. Once we were up and flying and I went through some of the basic maneuvers I could tell this plane was really different. Most planes have a more soft or sluggish feel to them. This plane can roll over super fast. I believe it is a carbon fiber body with a big engine that you can feel through the body of the airplane. I have done aileron rolls in a T-37 jet before and that felt heavy and sluggish compared to this thing. We did a tail slide which is going up and falling down backward which is not something you can do on most planes.

The unusual attitudes in the airplane were not a problem but the G forces that accompanied many of the maneuvers were more than I have ever experienced. As we were landing I made use of the bag they provided to hold my lunch. Apparently, that is not unusual.

Anyway, I am preparing to start flying again when I find some time for it. There are a lot of great simulator games and videos online now that can be used to prep for flight training. There are even some big simulators such as which is a Boeing 737 flight simulator with full motion and a cockpit that looks like the actual airplane.

Sometimes it is just exciting to watch airplanes. Rhinebeck New York has one of the most amazing collections of old WW1 airplanes and they are still flying them. They have an air show which is a little goofy but it looks like a real-world war one fight.



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