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She said: Let's go Boating in DC!

There are several locations around DC where you can rent a kayak, canoe, standup paddleboard, or a sculling boat. See

Fletcher’s Boathouse up the Potomac just below chain bridge. This is a nice place to paddle. There is parking but the entrance is down a ramp that is almost parallel to the road and can be confusing and crowded for cars. You can drive under the canal to park near the river. It is along the canal path and Capital Cresent Trail so you can walk or ride a bike there. There can be strong currents sometimes and you might need to be a competent paddler to keep from floating down the river.

Key Bridge Boathouse on the Potomac in Georgetown. This is my favorite location. There are usually a lot of people around. There is a little parking under the Whitehurst freeway and there is a paid parking lot under a building down the street. It is at the entrance to the Capital Cresent bike trail and you can bike there to paddle. They have a full moon paddle that we enjoyed.

Thompson Boat Center on the Potomac where Rock Creek enters the Potomac.

Tidal Basin is a pond connected to the Potomac with swan boat rentals.

The Wharf Boathouse is on the Washington Channel. There is a lot of new building in this area and I expect many new residents will like the convenience of the nearby boating.

Ballpark Boathouse on the Anacostia River. Another spot where people who live in town can rent a boat and paddle conveniently.

National Harbor is farther down the Potomac past National airport and below the Woodrow Wilson bridge.

You should bring some ID and a credit card. They have some tiny lockers at the Key Bridge location. If you bring a cell phone you may want to put it in a waterproof bag and make sure it floats. It is unlikely anyone will fall in the river.


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