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House 1 Plan Elevation.jpg

House Building

Tennessee House Build Plan

We had done house renovations before but this was our first house build. We imagined it, drew it, and built it.

House 1 Plan Elevation.jpg

Maryland House Plan

This was our second build and we started with a better idea of exactly what we wanted.

House 2 Plan Elevation.jpg

Home Interior Ideas

In the Maryland house, we tried some Ikea kitchen items and we could not be happier with the result.


Tennessee House Build Result

The result was fairly close to what we had imagined. Building it was an amazing learning experience.

House 1 Actual.JPG

Maryland House Result

We were better prepared for the second house build but it had its own set of unique challenges.


Home Extras

We knew nothing about swim spas but with after some Internet study we are very satisfied with the result of our indoor swim spa.

Swim Spa.JPG
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